Resolve Complaints

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land.links.fund is a site specializing in posting news about real estate, is the unit that transmits information between buyer and seller, lessor and tenant, assignee and person transfer of real estate. Management land.links.fund not responsible for the accuracy and legality of the products posted / advertised on the siteland.links.fund. However, we are always ready to provide fastest and best assistance when received feedback, complaints about posting / advertising of sellers, rentals, inaccurate or false real estate transfer… etc. Where we get Complaints from Customers, Management Board land.links.fund will confirm again information, if true as reflected then depending on the extent, we will have handling measures accordingly and promptly.

land.links.fund respect and seriously comply with the provisions of the law on protection rights of buyers, tenants, transferees (consumers use). Therefore, it is recommended that those who post news to sell real estate and services on the supply floor provide complete, accurate, truthful and detailed information related to real products and services. All frauds, frauds in business are condemned and must bear full responsibility before the law.

Related parties include sellers, buyers, tenants, and givers Tenants, transferors, and real estate recipients all have active roles and responsibilities in solving arising problems (if any).

Buyers, renters, and transferees can send complaints directly The person who posted the news or through the management board of e-commerce trading floor land.links.fund. After receiving feedback, land.links.fund complaints will be forwarded immediately that comes to the poster by the fastest methods.

The poster is fully responsible for the quality of the goods, service posted above land.links.fund.In case any complaint arises, The poster is responsible for providing documents and papers to verify the information related to the incident that is causing conflicts for customers. In any case, The poster is responsible for resolving all complaints related to the substance quantity of goods or services provided.

In the event of any dispute or complaint between the poster and customers (buyers, renters, transferors of real estate), the parties will give priority to the solution settlement by negotiation and mediation. If through the commercial form quality, but still unable to resolve conflicts arising from assignments The translation between the two sides is the person who posted the message with the customer (buyer and seller, person lease and lease or transferor or transferee) Either party has the right to submit an application to the state agency with jurisdiction to intervene to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties.

The process of receiving complaint information, modes to handle

Step 1: All requests to resolve complaints will be forwarded to the Cham department customer care. Email: info@links.fund

Step 2: After receiving the request to resolve the complaint, the Customer Care departmentThe customer will conduct verification of the information provided by the customer (by person relevant staff, and informative content on the app), compile the solution statement resolve complaints, save and refer to the direct support.

Step 3: Customer care department is responsible for providing solutions satisfactory to the customer and a written response (signed by the manager).

Step 4: After receiving the complaint settlement plan, Care client submits a proposal to the Board of Directors (signed by the minister part).

Step 5: The Board of Directors reviews and makes a decision through the direction of resolution complain.

Step 6: After receiving the decision on the direction to resolve the complaint Management complaints, Customer Care will respond to customer complaints, and make a confirmation minutes if the customer agrees with the way settled on. The process ends.

Step 7: Where the customer does not agree with the above solution and request resolve. Request for complaint resolution will be transferred to the Cham department customer care. The process repeats steps 4, 5, 6. 

The land.links.fund Complaints Settlement Mechanism is officially available Effective since 2020.